Rockin Crawfish

Seither’s Seafood uses fresh, local quality ingredients in all of its chef inspired creations.  From local farmer produce to crawfish, crabs, fish and shrimp harvested from local waters.  Everything is fresh and local at Seither’s Seafood.

Seither’s Seafood made its name boiling, frying and blackening seafood.  We will always be known for those mainstay dishes, but at Seither’s, we aspire to keep our chefs and customers happy by offering new, creative specials everyday, such as our daily featured specialty lunch Po-Boys.  Our Po-Boys have left quite the impression. Seither’s Seafood roast beef Po-Boy was voted best roast beef Po-Boy by a seafood restaurant and Seither Seafood’s specialty Po-Boys were voted best seafood specialty Po-Boys at the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival.  Just like our award winning specialty Po-Boys, we offer creative, daily inspired entrees and desserts.  The culinary creativity at Seither’s Seafood transcends the everyday fried, blackened and boiled seafood, so come in today and get an unforgettable meal at Seither’s Seafood.  You won’t forget about it!